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Safety In Public Transport A Major Concern For Most Women In Nairobi

More than 80 percent of women in Nairobi have witnessed harassment in the form of verbal or other forms of emotional abuse, only a paltry 7 percent reported the incidents. Furthermore, very little or no action is taken against the perpetrators. This is according to...

After NTSA Greenlight, SWVL Kenya Engages High Gear

NTSA is willing to look into developing the regulatory framework to encompass user and industry-driven technological advancements.

Matatu Industry Cartels Want SWVL, Little Shuttle Out of Nairobi

The matatu sector as is commonly known the world over is rowdy, messy and chaotic. It is one that is unpredictable despite being the means of transport for millions of Kenyans.

Let’s create winning ecosystems for sustainable long term growth

For starters, let’s try to address the root cause of the problem. Whether in schools or hospitals, let’s not take the easy route home