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Kenya-based Fintech Power Financial Wellness Raises Ksh376M Seed Round

Power Financial Wellness (Power), a Kenya-based financial technology provider, has announced it has raised a $3 million (Ksh376 million) seed funding round led by DOB Equity alongside Bolt by QED Investors, Quona Capital, Zephyr Acorn, and Norrsken Accelerator. The funds will be used to support the company’s growth in...

Power and Politics Not Too Dirty Stuff For Managers

Individuals who are highly motivated to secure and use power find a familiar and hospitable environment in business.

State agency rejects sub-standard power poles

Suppliers who have delivered substandard poles to be used for power distribution have been ordered to ensure they meet the set requirements. It is understood that most poles supplied have not been treated to the standards required by the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy...

Solar energy raises Sh240m from crowd

The money raised by the British crowd brings clean energy to thousands of African families

Power blackout leaves Kenya and Uganda in darkness

Kenya’s capital Nairobi and most of its neighbourhood have been plunged in a massive power blackout that has disrupted businesses and office activities. The outage started at about 6pm after several fluctuations in power. Uganda, too, was facing a similar crisis with power cut...

Mugabe under siege as military takes power

Zimbabwe’s military on Wednesday confirmed that it had seized power in a targeted assault on “criminals” around President Robert Mugabe, but gave assurances that the 93-year-old leader and his family were “safe and sound”. Military vehicles took to the streets of the Zimbabwean capital and...