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King Solomon’s Simple Budget: Villager Reveals How He Feeds 8 Wives And 107 Children

Every month, David Kalukhana says his wives and children consumer five bags of maize. “When I’m not farming, I go out to do some work like constructing stone fences around homes. They will never sleep hungry as long as I’m alive,” he says.

Polygamy leaves Kenyan women, children struggling as poverty bites

It was after 21 years of marriage and six children together that Joyce’s husband brought home his second wife, without any discussion or warning. The 38-year-old Kenyan housewife, who married at 17 with no education or skills, had to share her home and husband with...

Central Kenya men urged to marry many wives

Leaders from Mt Kenya region have asked men in Central Kenya to embrace polygamy to reverse the dwindling population in the region. Led by the Chairman of the Nyumba Kumi security initiative, Mr.Joseph Kaguthi, the leaders said those capable of supporting polygamous families should do...