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James Wakibia: The Campaigner Behind Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya

James Wakibia has since been credited with starting the movement that led to Kenya’s nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags in 2017.

Reusable bags new pollutants in the country after plastic ban

With the new bags once again choking rivers, and the environment, it is evident Kenya should go back to the drawing board

Government challenged to review plastic bags ban

Bidco chairman Vimal Shah says recycling would not only support industrialisation and creation of jobs but also create opportunities while making affordable alternatives available to users

Uhuru basks in glory of plastic bags ban

Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona said nothing stops Kenya from becoming known as the hope of humanity just as it is known as the cradle of humanity

Search for non-plastic bags moves to OLX

OLX encourages manufacturers and non-plastic bag sellers to now take advantage of the buyers seeking these items as grand online business opportunity