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MKU Rallies For Peace Ahead Of Elections

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is set to hold the Second International Conference on Peace, Security and Social Enterprise as part of its contribution to global peace. The conference, which runs from Wednesday to Friday, is partly derived from the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 16,...

Posho Mill Attendant Who Scored A- 14 Years Ago Gets Full University Sponsorship

Mt Kenya University chairman, Prof Simon Gicharu, has offered Milly Nafula a full scholarship to study at the institution. Ms Nafula, who currently works as a posho mill attendant, missed the opportunity to join university 14 years ago, despite qualifying for university placement with...

Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre: MKU Unveils New Gem [PHOTOS]

Among other things, Kibaki's two-term stint from 2002 to 2012 saw accelerated economic growth and infrastructure development in Kenya, as well as the introduction of Free Primary Education and expansion of tertiary education.

MKU Steps Up Mental Well-being Programmes After Student’s Death

In addition, all the affected students - who were residing outside of the main campus when the incident happened -  have been accorded accommodation in the university hostel for free and for an unlimited amount of time.

MKU Scores Win in Court Over Ksh511M Dispute

The university appealed a 2011 ruling that found it liable to pay Ksh511 million to Step Up Holdings. The dispute stemmed from Step Up's claim that it incurred major losses after MKU's Kericho Campus was shut down soon after they had entered a verbal agreement with the university to run it.

MKU Tackles Mental Health Challenges With New Youth Program

The fully-fledged program aims to address the mental health challenges blamed for a worrying increase in cases of violence, criminality and bizarre incidents involving young people.