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3 Luxury Hotels Owned by The Mois

With vast interests in real estate, hospitality, media, manufacturing, transport and agriculture among other sectors, the family of the late former President Daniel Arap Moi is one of Kenya's wealthiest. Former Senator Gideon Moi, also his political heir, has been central in controlling the family purse since his father's passing in 2020.

Moi Grandson Lifts Lid on Ksh300B Estate Squabble

Notably, Moi's will designated his five sons as equal beneficiaries of his estate and, in the case of their passing, as happened with Jonathan, their children would receive their share.

How politicians hold Kenya’s media by the balls

According to new research, close to 37% of all newspaper, TV and radio entities in Kenya have ownership that have been identified to be exposed to proven political influence either directly or indirectly

Standard goes after former director in succession war

Media house's former Group Chief Finance Officer was among those found culpable by the regulator for the financial misdeeds at NBK, and was disqualified from the leadership of any quoted firms for three years