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Moi Grandson Lifts Lid on Ksh300B Estate Squabble

A suit by one of former President Daniel Arap Moi’s grandchildren has opened the lid on disputes rocking Moi’s multi-billion shilling estate following his passing two years ago.

Collins Kibet Toroitich Moi is the eldest son of the late Jonathan Moi, the former President’s oldest son. Remembered for his rallying exploits, Jonathan passed on in 2019.

Collins claims he is being locked out of the estate and denied his fair share. He wants the executrix and trustee of Moi’s will, lawyer Zehrabhanu Janmohamed, barred from dealing with matters of the estate.

He claims Zehrabanu is under the instructions of one of the beneficiaries, whom he did not name. Collins claimed that assets were being disposed off without necessary authorization from the relevant parties, citing the Ksh1.7B sale of a majority stake in Siginon Aviation – a subsidiary of Moi-family owned Siginon Group Limited in November 2021.

He further disclosed the alleged planned sale of 1,000-acre piece of land believed to be in Narok County.

“The property known as Kimintet A No. 1 measuring over 1,000 acres is currently in the process of being unlawfully and secretly sold to a third party before the impugned grant of probate is confirmed by this Hon. Court as required by law,” he states.

Notably, Moi’s will designated his five sons as equal beneficiaries of his estate and, in the case of their passing, as happened with Jonathan, their children would receive their share. The late President’s sons include KANU presidential aspirant Gideon Moi, Raymond, John Mark and Philip.

Other than having the executrix barred from dealing with the estate, Collins also sought an accurate inventory of Moi’s assets and liabilities. He went on to allege concealment by Janmohamed of the true worth of the Moi estate, placing it in excess of Ksh300B.

Janmohamed was granted the powers to manage the Moi estate on October 9, 2020. Collins claimed she was rewarding herself with hefty fees in the area of Ksh50 million.

“The impugned grant was obtained by means of concealment of the true value of the deceased vast estate which, stands at over USD $3 Billion and encompasses a large number of assets of various classes in multiple jurisdictions which include the United Kingdom, Australia and Malawi,” he states in court documents.

Collins claimed never to have benefitted from the estate’s ‘substantial’ monthly income despite repeated pleas for financial assistance.

“The respondent/executrix has maliciously and unlawfully attempted to disinherit and defraud me out of my beneficial share of the deceased’s estate by intentionally excluding me as a beneficiary of the deceased’s estate, despite all the material times being well aware that I am the eldest biological grandchild of the deceased,” he states. The executrix was yet to respond to the court filings.

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