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Even Moi’s Real Age Remains a Mystery

Njiru who worked for the former president disagrees with what most Kenyans know

Moi Discharged from Nairobi Hospital

Former president Daniel Moi has been discharged from Nairobi Hospital where he has been receiving treatment for the past two weeks. In a statement,...

Standard editor appointed Moi’s press secretary

Former President's personal secretary John Lokorio confirmed Njiru's replacement by Kiprotich on the day he claimed there was a plot to edge him out

Lee Njiru in vicious war for control of Moi’s press office

Former President's Press Secretary dismisses claim he has reached retirement age, saying he was in office in accordance with the Presidential Retirement Benefits t

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1974 Fuel Receipt Evokes Nostalgia Over Strong Shilling Years

Over the years, the Kenya shilling has lost its value significantly, thanks to inflation which has markedly reduced its purchasing power.

Form 4 Leaver Who Makes Sh140,000 Monthly From Chapatis

Jepkoech, who started off with one packet of wheat flour a day, says she does a bundle per day, making Ksh4500 per day from chapatis alone. In addition, she sells tea and chips, which tops up her sales to Ksh5,500 per day, translating to about Ksh140,000 per month.

Perfectionism: Are You a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism can be defined as the propensity to think and believe that anything short of perfect is an abject failure while having concerns over mistakes and subjecting oneself to harsh and critical self-evaluations when the output fails to produce sought-after satisfaction and excellence. Am I a perfectionist?

Smart Doors: How You Can Control Access to Your House on Mobile

Many operators of Airbnb in Nairobi and other cities are using this technology to manage their clients access to accommodation and lodging facilities using smart doors and smart switches.

Fatal Accidents Report Reveals Most Dangerous Roads in Mombasa

The report, which spotlights roads with highest accident rates at the coast, offers chilling trends, including, among others, statistics that show significantly more men die in road accidents.