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Full-Scale Production Of Special Waru Begins Under Co-op Bank Backed Demo

Friday 30th June registered a key milestone for potato farmers in Kenya when players in the crop's value chain - The Potato Consortium - concluded a major step towards achieving the farm-to-plate value model.

Akhona Qengqe Appointed KFC Africa’s New General Manager

KFC has appointed the first black female General Manager for Africa - Akhona Qengqe – who will step into this role on 01 April 2023. She will replace outgoing GM – Dhruv Kaul, who is moving into a GM role for KFC Pan Europe. Akhona’s...

Couch Potato Policies a Big Let-Down To Smallholders and Consumers

The so-called potato shortage that impacted KFC in Kenya last month reveals less about supply issues, and more about the longstanding forces that hold back the diversification and professionalisation of the country’s potato sector. The majority of Kenya’s 800,000 potato farmers are excluded from high-value markets like restaurants and takeaways –...

New Partner For Local Potato Farmers After KFC Dis

SimpliFine has commissioned its Individual Quick Freezing (“IQF”) processing line in Kenya. SimpliFine is a Kenyan integrated food producer offering locally sourced and manufactured food products across East Africa. By investing in IQF technology, SimpliFine is expanding its production of fresh French fries to offer...

Blow For Kenyan Potato Farmers As KFC Refuses To Disclose Standards

Despite promising to source raw potatoes from Kenyan farmers, American fast food retail giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has refused to disclose required standards to farmers. Speaking to a local daily, KFC said that it does "not disclose proprietary information around sourcing and pricing”. This deals...

Second Wave of Sackings to Claim Thousands of Jobs in Virus Hit Sector

Kenya is gearing up for a second wave of the virus even so as other countries go through the same, Kenya's exports are set to be affected immensely