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Cold Wàr Between Media Council And Journalists’ Welfare Officials Boils Over

The bad PR between MCK, the media industry regulator, on one side, and the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG), a professional body bringing together editors, and the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ), on the other, has set former journalists who now work for MCK up against former colleagues heading these two organisations.

Court Battle Looms In KUJ Quest For Uhuru Media House Journalists

KUJ has, for some time now, been reaching out to Mediamax management over unionization of journalists, which would give them a stronger say on their terms of service, but is always treated to a cold shoulder.

Nation Tightens the Noose on Journalists, Turning Newsroom into Sweatshop

After firing more than 100 in July and launching a new business model, NMG has turned its guns on correspondents.

Kenyan journalists strike back in war of words with religious leaders

The fourth estate in the country says a trend of religious leaders intimidating media is worrying and that it is against the law for anyone to stand in the way of journalists doing their work. In a joint statement from the Kenya Union of Journalists(KUJ),...

Why extreme ‘nomadism’ is not good for journalism

While such movements are seen as, indeed are, good for the individual practitioners as they portend career progression and advancement of personal goals, they leave a lot to be desired on the state of the industry

High Court extends suspension of Cybercrimes Act to October

Win for Bloggers Association of Kenya as High Court temporarily rules in their favour