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Kenya’s Wealthiest Families Calling the Shots in Politics

Due to the secrecy surrounding this family’s wealth, it is safe to say that the numbers could be grossly understated

Raila Reveals Details of Secret Meeting With Uhuru on Handshake

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has today disclosed how he spent 19 hours negotiating the ‘handshake’ political deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta. This is the first time the ODM leader has talked vividly about how the two struck the deal, on 9th March 2018,...

Uhuru Kenyatta’s Legacy Hinges on Handshake

Presently, President Kenyatta can visit Luo Nyanza the home turf of Raila, any time and attract jubilant locals, something he would not do before the famous handshake of March 2018.

The handshake has won the battle but is slowly losing the war

If you say that someone has won the battle but lost the war, you mean that they have won the small conflict but lost the bigger one. It is, therefore, a temporary ceasefire. It provides for a sign of relief as warring factions strategise...

10 types of handshakes and what they mean

Just like handwriting, how a person shakes hand is also a clue to their inner nature. Nowhere will you find a larger variety in handshakes than at your workplace or at functions and events. So if you know what each handshake says about the...

Revealed: Why Ruto did not get to meet Moi

Former president's office, Ruto's visit coincided with the time he was undergoing physical exercises with his doctors but that he agreed to meet him at a later date