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Dalbit Petroleum Marks 20 Years Of Fueling Growth

Dalbit Petroleum Ltd marked its 20-year anniversary by planting 1,000 trees at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy (MKWC) as part of its environmental conservation efforts aimed at preserving the world’s first Mountain Bongo sanctuary.

Corruption and The Tasty Samosa

I was nine the first time I was caught up in a corruption scandal. My mother sent me to the British Petroleum (BP) filling point near Ndurarua Primary to buy paraffin and I let myself be used by the forces of darkness and evil. I...

President Uhuru to justify VAT on fuel in national address

Rejecting the Finance Bill, which had proposed postponement of 16% VAT to 2020, means the punitive tax on petroleum products remains intact

Uhuru’s not-so-pretty options on fuel tax

The president's balancing act includes risking the public's wrath or sending the country into IMF's bad books

Petrol dealers strike over increased fuel prices

The ripple effect of the hike in the price of fuel is already being felt across the country

July inflation shoots up after inconsistent food prices

Sukuma wiki, beans and maize prices drop but housing and electricity costs push inflation to four month high