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FALSE: Safaricom is Not Running Reward Program for Loyal Customers

The website hoodwinks recipients by asking them to check if their zone has been selected for the Safaricom's Loyal Customer Prize.

Banks Warn of Coronavirus Fraudsters on the Prowl

The banking industry says that perpetrators of fraud will try to gain access to bank customers’ information and accounts

The Billion-Shilling Threat to Banks by Young Techies in Nairobi Estates

In 2018 and 2019, cyber criminals made away with at least Sh2.6 billion

How a SIM-card Registration Threatens Your Privacy

If a telco agreed to reset your sim details, you not only risk losing your money in the mobile wallet but the peace of mind

National Bank loses Sh29m to fraudsters

Lender dismisses social media reports that lost at least Ksh 340 million in what was alleged to be an in house infiltration of the bank’s IT systems

Safaricom introduces photo IDs to block M-Pesa cons

Safaricom says the digital database, which is also being populated with photos of existing subscribers, should ease service delivery as agents and customer care representatives need not ask for proof of identity prior to allowing a transaction