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Picture Based Insurance Comes To The Rescue Of Farmers Against Climate Shocks

With the help of images taken via satellite and smartphones, ACRE Africa’s Picture Based Insurance (PBI) project is working to make smart insurance accessible to Kenya’s smallholder farmers. Doing so will help build awareness and trust around insurance-based products while simultaneously enhancing resilience to...

Couch Potato Policies a Big Let-Down To Smallholders and Consumers

The so-called potato shortage that impacted KFC in Kenya last month reveals less about supply issues, and more about the longstanding forces that hold back the diversification and professionalisation of the country’s potato sector. The majority of Kenya’s 800,000 potato farmers are excluded from high-value markets like restaurants and takeaways –...

Farmers Emerge Sex Champions Beating Lawyers, Journalists

The survey by Lelo UK, a sex-toy manufacturer targeting men, has revealed that farmers have the most sex more than any profession.

Earning in Foreign Currency? Tips on Cutting Forex Losses

Fluctuations can potentially result in farmers losing earnings from export proceeds or increasing costs incurred when importing farming equipment, fertilizers and other inputs.

Kenya’s black gold makes a comeback

The government set to spend Ksh1.3 billion to revive the collapsed coffee industry in central Kenya

Sh5 billion boost small scale farmers

The EU funding will promote integration of small-holder farmers in their value chains to enhance food security, create jobs, raise incomes and provide market access