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China’s Economic Recovery Retains Momentum In Quarter 3

On October 18, the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBSC) released the country’s Quarter 3 economic report. Although the report indicated a few challenges in growth than the previous months, China’s economic resilience ensured that the momentum is steady. In the first three quarters,...

Bottom Up Economy Explained Through Lives Of Ordinary Kenyans

The bad news is that bottom up in public sector won’t work as long as we are unable to slay the corruption dragon and our wasteful habits. It is one thing to shout bottom-up economic model but you must choose to walk Equity’s or Safaricom’s path to make it happen.

Bankers Conference to Explore Market Structure and Policy Environment

Kenya Bankers Association Annual Banking Research Conference seeks to optimise the extent to which the financial system supports economic development.

Kenya Economy to Claw Back Gains Before Year-End

East Africa’s biggest economy’s GDP is set for a rebound in the last quarter of the year against an earlier forecast of a contraction.

Economy Created 846,000 Jobs in 2019 -KNBS

78,000 of those jobs in the informal sector

Low Velocity of Money Main Reason Most Kenyans are Broke

This stifles any investment plans, reduces spending by economic units and generally affects plans to resuscitate the economy.