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US Report: Narcotics Trafficking Through Kenya Rampant in 2019

Report describes Kenya as a significant transit country for a variety of illicit drugs

Govt seeks to streamline readmission of school dropouts

Proposed guidelines provide a framework to facilitate re-entry into educational institution for any learner who dropped out of school for whatever reason, and who is eligible to be in school, including children living in the streets

Social media effects worse than usual addíctions

Out of the estimated world population of 7.7 billion, 3.1 billion are actively engaged in a variety of social media platforms for various reasons. From this figure, about 50% of the population is at risk of becoming social media addicts and suffering from its...

MYDAWA becomes first online pharmacy in Africa to earn LegitScript certification

MYDAWA has become the first online pharmacy in Africa and part of the top 4% globally to earn the LegitScript certification that verifies internet operated pharmacies as safe, credible and trustworthy. A LegitScript certification is a stamp of approval to online pharmacies and other healthcare...

MEDS ventures into medical equipment supply

High tax on non-pharmaceutical products is seen as a major hindrance to the achievement of universal healthcare in the country. Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) Managing Director Dr Jane Masiga says tax on medical devices and equipment had increased cost of healthcare...

Why Kenya’s health sector is on its sickbed

Public hospitals and healthcare centers soon might be faced with shortage of drugs as county governments have failed to pay the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa) about Sh2.4 billion. This can result to paralyzed medical services as agency reels on debt whilst it urgently needs...