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Why expensive cars are a bad investment

As of July 2017, a new car aged between 0-2 years was priced at Ksh7.54 Million, with an average of 58 new cars in the market place per month

Why Lavington is more attractive to investors than Kilimani

Investors seeking to buy property, especially three-bedroom apartments are advised to first consider checking out Lavington, where effective demand for sale is increasing as compared to neighbouring locale, Kilimani, whose demand for sale is decreasing. A study by Data Fintech (DF) shows that between first...

Samsung and Hisense TV brands lose market edge

A recent study by Data Fintech – a consumer data vendor – shows that over the last six months Samsung and Hisense Tvs popularity has been eroded after enjoying the top positions in November 2016. Samsung is down 60%, while Hisense has dropped 72%, according...

Six most popular products Kenyans are buying online

A new report shows mobile phones are the fastest moving electronics products online, tying in with trends in offline retail in Kenya and globally. The latest Kenya Electronic Market Report for the month of March 2017 by Data Fintech (DF), a leading financial big data...