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Westlands Delivers Highest Rental Yields for Mixed Use Developments – Cytonn Report

MUDs are real estate developments designed to incorporate more than one real estate theme; such as office, residential, retail and hospitality.

Cytonn CEO: Why Uhuru’s Housing Project is Lagging Behind

Cytonn CEO Edwin Dande sought to explain why the affordable housing pillar in President Uhuru Kenyatta's Big 4 development agenda had gotten little traction.

Cytonn Real Estate Hands Over Phase II of Its Sh5bn Flagship Project

Cytonn Group Chief Executive Edwin Dande assured of the company’s dedication to invest in high yielding products.

Four Things to Look Out For in Off-Plan Buying

When going for an off-plan property, the experience, and expertise of a developer are paramount. Most importantly, conduct due diligence.

Top 5 Real Estate Companies to Invest With in 2020

In recent years, people have been losing their money after the companies they invested in sank, and the owners disappeared.

Cytonn CEO Says There is Still Hope for Kenyan Economy

Dande said that Kenya is still the most preferred investment destination. He also noted that we are the global home of mobile money transfer that transacts billions of shillings daily giving credit to M-Pesa for this milestone.