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Maina Kageni’s Many Money-Makers Outside Radio

The show attracts eye-watering advertising revenues owing to its popularity, mostly in urban areas. This has led to Kageni being one of the most well paid media personalities in the country, but he sees his radio work simply as his day job - enabling him to engage in various other ventures.

Maina Kageni Reveals His New Job After Quitting Classic 105

Maina Kageni, who redefined breakfast show presentation in Kenya’s radio industry, said his exit from Classic 105 would mark the end of his illustrious radio career.

From Bad Boy To Radio Darling: The Good, Bad And Ugly Side Of Maina Kageni

Like many successful people, Mr Maina’s story takes the similar rag-to-riches tale - but with enough twists and turns that would barely lead to success in a world where higher education is valued more than the virtues of hard work and obedience.

Maina and King’ang’i Salaries Slashed as Radio Africa Tightens its Belt

Radio Africa Group says while it paid March salaries, it is seeing a major loss in advertising revenue from April that will impact revenues.

Radio Africa Group Lays Off A Third of Its Staff

Radio Africa Group is set to lay off over 150 members of its staff following the difficult economic times experienced by the media house this year.

More Media Job Losses as Radio Africa Moves to Trim its Payroll

Radio African Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo announced the company was finding it hard to meet its financial obligations with shrinking revenues.