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Egyptian Bank Acquires Majority Stake in Small Kenyan Lender

The Competition Authority (CAK) started the process of approving the deal in December 2019

Are Kenyans’ bank accounts really that poor?

If one was to consider the wealth of Kenyans by looking at their bank accounts, one would probably conclude that citizens of this country are languishing in poverty. That is if Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge is to be believed, when he says that ony...

SBM concludes acquisition of 75% Chase Bank stake

Under the agreement, Chase Bank customers will have access to 75% of the Ksh 76 billion in deposits once the bank is re-opened

Bank managers upbeat on economic growth

CBK survey shows lenders will intensify efforts to recover loans following return of normality in business environment which is expected to increase cash flow in the key sectors of the economy

Mauritius bank buys out Chase Bank

Mauritius’s SBM Holdings will acquire 75% of the value of certain deposits of Kenya’s Chase bank plus matched liabilities, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) said today. CBK has been seeking a strategic investor for Chase, which has been under receivership since April 2016...

MPC to hold next meeting on January 22

It is expected that the committee might give direction on plans to review the interest rates cap law following the negative performance of the banking sector in 2017