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Price Of A Toyota Vitz Now Over Ksh1 Million, Harrier Nears Ksh4 Million

Toyota Vitz, one of the budget cars in the country is now selling for over Ksh1.07 million in a surprise move that has seen the price of used cars soar by an average of 37 percent. Initially, the car, arguably the most common brand among...

A Drive in Betty Kyalo’s Dream Car

For many Kenyans, buying a car is an indication that you have made it in life. An indication that one has climbed up the ladder to the middle class or even the upper class. The belief is highly regarded in Kenya that some Kenyans...

Generator Fuel Efficiency: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for a generator that will run at a light load, a petrol generator will likely be more efficient

Five Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Kenya

It is not just about fuel, these cars can still save you a lot of money when it comes to car insurance

Why expensive cars are a bad investment

As of July 2017, a new car aged between 0-2 years was priced at Ksh7.54 Million, with an average of 58 new cars in the market place per month

South Sudan customs official in tax evasion syndicate at Mombasa port

Chief Customs Officer Arop Deng Kuol denies Kenya millions in taxes by under-declaring and classifying Kenyan goods as South Sudan-bound to escape KRA dragnet