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French Businesses to Hire With BrighterMonday in Kenya After Sealing Partnership

The French Chamber of Commerce in Kenya promotes business opportunities between French and Kenyan companies. The Chamber also helps French companies and entrepreneurs set up in the country.

Some Sectors Have Defied Covid-19 to Create Even More Jobs

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the employment sector hard across the world with job losses being recorded in millions.

BrighterMonday Rolls Out Free Jobs Services

The campaign seeks to boost the continuity of business by enabling them to recruit the right people to steer them during challenging times.

Cytonn Named Among Best Employers in Kenya

The annual report celebrates various companies playing their role in creating exceptional working conditions.

Kenya’s Happiest Workers, Those Stuck in Bad Jobs Revealed

The report shows that many youths are entrepreneurial and felt that mentorship and coaching were integral to their career growth.