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Sacked Bank Employees Kiss Sh600 Million Pay Goodbye

In 2018, the High Court gave Barclays Bank of Kenya (now Absa Kenya) 30 days to pay 105 senior managers it had retrenched.

Absa Group Records Marginal Growth in Revenue

Overall, Absa’s balance sheet, revenue and earnings growth were in line with peers after lagging for a number of years.

Who is most likely to commit fraud at your company?

The arrest of five employees of Barclays Bank of Kenya and G4S over the alleged theft of Ksh 11 million from ATMs belonging to the lender in Nairobi over the Easter weekend confirms previous findings that  employees are the greatest risk to companies when...

No more safe deposit boxes at Barclays

Barclays Bank wants nothing to do with safe deposit boxes, for now. The British owned bank announced on March 21 that it will no longer be offering its safe deposit box service following a week that has seen the discovery of counterfeit items at one...

Sh2 billion seized at Barclays Bank in suspected fake currency syndicate

A suspected fake currency syndicate could be at the heart of a raid on a Barclays Bank branch in Nairobi after police seized millions of dollars following an alleged tip off. Playing out like a scene from an action movie, the raid on the Barclays...

Heavily sponsored Kenya Open expected to produce a spectacle

After a total of 50 annual edititions since its debut, this year's Kenya Open Golf Tour is expected to be a one of a kind sports event that will probably put Kenyan golf to the global market. The event is scheduled to start at March...