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Changing Face of Agency Banking in Uganda in the Wake of Covid-19

Considering the massive investment required to set up agency banking structures, Ugandan banks agreed to set up a shared agency network.

Equity banks Kakuma refugees

Study shows that access to basic financial services is critical to personal financial security within the host and refugee communities

Rotich urges Kenyans to embrace saving tradition

CS says Kenya is currently experiencing digital advancements which have led to achievement of the strategic objective of financial inclusion and alternate delivery channels

Equity branches to turn into relationship centres

Group CEO James Mwangi says 91% of all transactions have moved from the fixed cost delivery channels of brick and mortar of bank branches and ATMs to variable cost delivery channels

More bank tellers to be sacked

The big banks, which are sacking more staff, have over 87% of the approved commercial bank agents

Why bank ATMs will soon be no more

Latest data from the Central Bank of Kenya indicated that there are about 2,000 ATMs across the country, down from a peak of 3,000