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How Craft Beer Differs From Regular Beer

Every weekend, when you visit your favourite joįnt you expect the bartender to serve you your favourite beer, alongside choma, as is the custom for most Kenyans. Or maybe when the bartender comes to your table you just have to use the magical words...

Inside The Kenyan Originals Craft Room

With a growing popularity in the Kenyan market, Kenyan Originals (KO)  (now African Originals) prides itself as the leading Kenyan distillery using 100% local materials and products to manufacture its drinks, both cider and gins. Some of its major ingredients include bitter orange leaves from...

How I Became A Senior Distiller At 26 – Ian Cheruiyot

At the African Originals factory in Baba Ndogo area in Nairobi, no distillation happens without his approval, as he commands every process that gives birth to at least four premium brands of GINs in the Kenyan market. At the age of 26, Ian Cheruiyot, is...

African Originals to Cede 10% Stake To Customers Through Crowdfunding

"We are now in a stage where we feel like we have a great network and good advisors and we really want to make this (brand) truly African originals. If truly we are African Originals we should make the target audience be able to own a part of the company," Ms Chappatte said.