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Samsung unveils 2018 strategic plan for Kenya

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Samsung Electronics has launched a four-point 2018 strategy in Kenya, a move that is aimed at beating competition and widening its market share within the region.

 Samsung President and CEO for Africa  Sung Yoon says the strategies will be inclusive of all the company distributors, dealers and  partners to ensure quality service delivery and profitable growth this year. 

The four key strategies include partnership, sharing annual product road map (sell out promotion), improved operations and services and marketing.

“In our  2018 partnership strategy, we have opted to have  an all inclusive participation to help us  adjust to the changes in the market and improve the quality of our products and services in the region,” he said. 

In the plan, Samsung will have weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to share real time plans and  review its market performance  and  results.

The firm also intends to adopt new sales strategy to make sure they offer original products. This is captured in its sell out promotion plan that will see clients offered after sale services like accessories vouchers and setting up specific and genuine Samsung certified shops.

In marketing, Samsung intends to launch both online and offline trade. The firm also also intends to launch  consistence advertisements in all media plat forms, release annual marketing calendars and also build Samsung branded shops to the retail level.

The firm has also introduced both onsite and offsite service provision to its clients. This Mr Yoon says will enhance operation efficiency.

“We will introduce a mobile service provision system where our trained technicians will be able to move in a Samsung branded trucks to different locations including homes to offer repair services to our products,” said Kim.

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The launch is likely to spark a tug of war among other firms offering electronic gadgets in the region. Samsung is currently rated as the global leader in production of mobile phones, refrigerators and television. 

The company that pulls close to 50% of market share in South Africa has, however, remained adamant it will not review its pricing but would instead offer quality and services to its clients.

At the same time, Mr Yoon said the company has abandoned plans to build an assembling plant in Kenya. The factory was expected to assemble television sets, laptops and printers for the Great Lakes region citing taxation issues.

“Building a local assembly plant depends on how the Government will protect these investment. There are many products that are coming in without paying the required duties and taxes,” he said when he met the company’s local partners in Nairobi.

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