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The Return Of Clubs And Thottery Joints In Residential Areas Irks Nairobians

In just six months, one of the brewers in East Africa, the East African Breweries PLC (EABL) reported Ksh54.9 billion in net sales. With 30 different brands of alcohol, another company, Keroche Breweries Limited (KBL), has been raking in billions in revenue in the recent years, making it the second-largest brewer in the country.

Most of the alcohol produced by the brewers is consumed locally, with the very little being exported outside the East African region.

But the profits have not come without a price, paid by both alcoholics and non-alcoholics. From broken families, to neglected children to noisy and violent neighbourhoods, almost everyone has felt the effects of extreme alcohol.

Apart from the personal and family problems that come with alcohol, communal problems have become a factor, especially the presence of liquor joints in every corner of residential places.

The problem has been rampant in major cities, where a section of residential houses are used as drinking joints.

Drinking joints come with their problems, including noise, fights and the oldest trade of all times, prostitution. Nairobi’s residential areas have become one of the most affected, with thousands of liquor joints dotting the city.

Initially, liquor joints were not allowed in residential areas, but seemingly, no one cares about the city by-laws and the shops can be set up anywhere. Wherever there are liquor joints, commercial sex workers tend to pitch tent, further deteriorating the moral values of the surrounding communities.

Some of the most affected areas include Pipeline, Umoja, Eastlands, all the slum areas and the outskirts of the city including Ongata Rongai, Kiserian, Ngong and Kitengela.

Churches also dot several residential areas, playing, praying and singing loudly during keshas without caring about the well-being of the tenants who are not of their faith. Landlords will pretend not to see, after all it is “legit business”.

Nairobians need to take their neighborhoods back! Residential areas are for living, not parting or clubbing, the city councils must uphold city bylaws & allow us to live in peace and quiet, life presents us with so much challenges than to add Amapiano to it. We must protest,” says Emma Too on Twitter.

Too’s sentiments have been echoed by several Nairobians living in different parts of Nairobi, who feel that the City’s residential areas are losing their mojo.

Here are some reactions:-

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