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Report: Huawei emerging as a global leader in HPC market

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Huawei has successfully deployed high-performance computing (HPC) clusters for its customers in industries such as manufacturing, supercomputing, and higher education through a complete series of HPC products and solutions, according to a new report compiled by Intersect360 Research, a world-renowned HPC consultancy and service company.

The white paper, titled Huawei Brings HPC Solutions to Cloud and AI, notes that currently, Huawei has claimed a position on the top rung of the global supercomputing markets. Huawei has also accumulated rich experience and industry practices in the AI domain, which is represented by public cloud and video analytics applications. These advantages are helping Huawei build industry-leading HPC cloud and AI convergence solutions.

The report also points out that the current HPC market is rapidly changing. On the one hand, more and more sectors and customers are starting to use HPC, and are continuously seeking high-performance solutions. On the other hand, the convergence between HPC and new technologies such as cloud and AI is accelerating and will fundamentally change the traditional business practices. Drawing on its leading capabilities in chip innovation and hardware architecture design, Huawei provides a wide spectrum of HPC platform products including blade, high-density, and fat node servers. Huawei’s server offerings not only bring a leap in compute power, but also match customers’ requirements for ultimate efficiency in space, energy consumption, and management.

Focusing on typical HPC application domains such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and rendering, Huawei has established OpenLabs across the globe and joined forces with various independent software vendors (ISVs) to foster purpose-built HPC industry solutions to deliver optimized performance to customers. Huawei has been in the forefront of bringing HPC to emerging IT technologies. The cutting-edge Atlas intelligent cloud hardware platform and G series heterogeneous servers coupled with Huawei Cloud innovation and expertise enable customers to access HPC and cloud converged solutions with deeper convergence between HPC and AI applications.

At a time of change in the HPC market, Huawei has emerged as a top-tier solution provider, with a complete portfolio of HPC technologies. Building on its global reputation as a trusted telecommunications provider, Huawei has the opportunity to dramatically expand into the world of HPC, Cloud, and AI,” said Addison Snell, CEO and also a distinguished HPC analyst of Intersect360 Research.

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In recent years, the overall capability of Huawei HPC has been rapidly improved. Huawei not only announced the establishment of a HPC Global Center of Excellence in Munich, Germany, but also actively built an open HPC ecosystem by announcing its participation in the OpenHPC open source project and strengthening its collaboration with the HPC Advisory Council to release benchmark tests for mainstream HPC applications. Huawei aims to help customers accelerate their business applications flexibly and efficiently based on the Huawei HPC platform through the Platform + Ecosystem strategy. As of November 2017, Huawei has a total of 19 HPC systems in the world’s TOP500 supercomputing center list.

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