Getting fired in today’s volatile economy is an emotional gut-punch that will leave you  frightened and disheartened to an extent you might be tempted to use the opportunity to tell the whole world how  unfair your boss has been since you landed the job. 

There are psychological reasons that can make job loss hard to tackle. First, wealth and status have always been symbols of power. So the loss of a job is often experienced as a loss of power, especially by those who connect their job with their power in other areas, such as in the family and in social circles. 

Secondly, many people view their career as a critical component of their self-concept and identity. For these individuals, being fired equates to a loss of identity. This way of thinking fuels self-doubt about one’s worth not only in the job marketplace, but also in the world in general. The loss of a job can also lead to a strong sense of guilt of  not being able to provide for loved ones or for bringing stress and uncertainty into the lives of their loved ones. 

However, it is important never to do anything negative that you will regret later . If you bump on the  word “you are fired,” keep calm, consider  the following steps and soon you will rise more stronger than before.

Dont panic: Panicking is the biggest mistake one can do when you are axed. Nothing good comes from a panicking brain instead it only worsen the situation and call for bad decision makings. Termination does not mean you will not be hired again, so try to overcome panic and trade carefully with your emotions because other bosses are watching you.

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Give yourself a break to grieve: It is a common practice that  every human being will act according to the environment one is. Rarely will you find an employee holding his termination letter and laughing. When faced with termination, accept you are grieved, give yourself a break like say three days or even a week if you feel it is necessary. During this time, try to recollect yourself, review your resume among other things. This will enable you to move on more quickly to something else.

Avoid isolation and forget about embarrassment: Sadly enough, job termination is a monster that lives with us. Terminations happen for all sorts of reasons, sometimes a person is just not right for a job or any other reason but when it strikes, Many people opt for the adage, “A wounded animal likes to be left alone to lick its wounds,” as a route to acceptance. Perhaps one reason why they do this is because they feel embarrassed and hence want to be alone. This is wrong. 

Giving yourself time to reflect on the past and discover new directions for the future can be helpful after a job loss.

Although giving yourself time to reflect on the past and discover new directions for the future can be helpful after a job loss, this should not be done at the sacrifice of connections with loved ones, friends, and colleagues who can provide not only support at these times, but also fresh ideas and future job opportunities through their network of friends and colleagues.

Take your time and relax: Being jobless comes with challenges that can trigger anxiety and stress levels, leading persistent health issues, family stresses and financial woes. obviously your income will reduce this period so do a review of your budget as you consider venturing into other fields that can boost you financially. Being positive and taking steps to make your life better will help you approach your current situation with less overall stress.

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Don’t allow negative emotions control you: Although you shouldn’t necessarily stuff negative emotions, it’s important to not allow them to become consuming. Anger, bitterness, and sadness are all common emotions experienced after being fired. Dwelling on these negative feelings can use up valuable energy that could be better served in the direction of finding other opportunities.

Be honest with any potential employers: If you were let go, then say so, if asked. You don’t have to offer the information, but don’t hide it, either. You also do not want to say anything bad about your former employer. Be respectful, and explain the things you did that were well-received at your last position. Negative attitude about your former workplace will not help you in get a new job.

Reinvent yourself: Being fired  can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It  actually offers you an opportunity to  reassess if you are truly doing what you want to do. Perhaps the career you were in was really not for you. If you have had a dream of doing something completely different, this may be the perfect time to explore other options. 

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