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Job interview: How to handle the rude questions

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When it comes to job interviews especially handled by innately inexperienced panelists, a potential employee could have to adjust the real definition of ‘rude’ to stand out in the context.  It is not uncommon to meet weird questions from one or two of your interviewers, strange to an extent that you feel jumping out of the exit door. Whatever the case, the prospects of landing that ‘lucrative’ job could solely depend on how well or badly a candidate handles these unforgettable times. Here is how to come out a winner:

Turn the question to your advantage: While sourcing for this piece, a friend of mine told me his experience during a job interview and how he gave up sooner than he begun. Apparently one of the panelists asked ‘how often she applied common sense,’ a question she thought was rude enough to turn her off the job prospects completely. Well, when presented with a rude or odd question, you can always change it up and use it to showcase some of your good qualities. The best thing she could have done was to take advantage of the situation and explain her intellectual ability. Of course that is why she was called up for the interview in the first place.

Stay Calm: I almost boiled up mad at a panelist who sought to know why I had a cut on my hair. Obviously this was absolutely out of nowhere and had nothing to do with my so-called job opportunity. “Ever thought of having a better hair cut than that?” He posed. I wondered how on earth my hair cut, official and neat to the very least would affect my roles. Interviewers often get the best out of emotions shown by candidates out of which it’s unlikely to convince them otherwise. Stay calm and keep your emotions for your friends. I later learnt.

Refrain from firing back: It is human nature to feel offended and want to respond almost immediately to an offensive comment or question. For instance an interviewer may say that your clad is outdated while his is a black bow tie on a Tuesday morning. You may be having the best fashion taste in town but at this instance, hold it down; it may just cost you the opportunity.

Respond with a compliment: Whatever the rude question or comment, counselors say it is imperative to reply with a compliment. It is advisable to reframe the interviewers’ opinion and just say a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I will.’ This would help in cementing your qualities and you stand a chance of taking it away.

Refuse politely: Etiquette indicates that a candidate does not have to answer what he or she is opposed to. However, how this is done determines the probability of landing a job. The way you refuse may salvage the interview and take you a notch higher or kill your dreams all literally. Some issues can also be brushed off as personal to cut a long story short.

Beware of lack of common courtesy: Some of the people who sit on interview panels have absolutely no common courtesy. Rudeness, to them is order of the day and they may handle you with that perception. Having this in mind prepares a candidate for any eventualities and thus being ready to overcome.

These tips are meant to prepare prospective job interviewees so that they may not be caught off guard and ‘spit’ on an interviewer’s desk. Anticipate them and no big deal if you come across such. All the best job seekers!

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