KRA’s Eye On Social Media Posts Enhances Tax Compliance

With the proliferation of social media platforms on which most people have had a tendency to share their ‘lavish’ lifestyles, many tax administrations globally have turned to conducting lifestyle audits for such taxpayers in order to determine whether they are tax compliant.

Lessons From Luban Workshop: How Kenya Can Become The Next China

University and higher level education need total reorientation to become centres of research and development for nurturing 21st century skills without forgetting indigenous knowledge and practices. No student should progress to university merely because they completed high school.

D***s suppliers must take lead in f******g counterfeits

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 10 per cent of global pharmaceutical supply is counterfeit and substandard. Yet the percentage of substandard...

JOSHUA OIGARA: More Can be Done to Open Kenya’s Northern Frontier...

By strengthening their economies through a commitment to financial inclusion we can provide a better quality of life, and build on local assets that though plenty, remain largely under-tapped. Through a combination of public-private partnership and smart growth strategies, we can unlock the potential of these rural communities to enable them to achieve their growth and development goals while maintaining the distinctive rural character that makes them unique.

Couch Potato Policies a Big Let-Down To Smallholders and Consumers

The so-called potato shortage that impacted KFC in Kenya last month reveals less about supply issues, and more about the longstanding forces that hold back the diversification...

Time for local players to consolidate ahead of foreign onslaught

It is important to note that the wave of foreign and cash rich global companies buying up Kenyan firms is not limited to the fresh produce logistics market

President’s Delivery Unit key to Big Four attainment

Its success will have a direct impact on the President’s legacy and hence the need for relevant and skilled personnel to drive its agenda

We ain’t all c*****t, Mr President!

BY MOSES OTIENO KAJWANG Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, you cannot condemn all Kenyans as corrupt and insolent, as you did in the distant comfort of Israel....

To Wake Up From Slumber, Kenya Needs a Bobi Wine not...

The political circumstances in South Africa of 1994 are very different from the political landscape on the Kenya of 2022.

Kenya-US FTA Could Reverse Gains in Suppressing Use of Plastic

The American Chemistry Council is influencing the Kenya-US FTA by presenting proposals that seek to reverse the strict plastic-bag ban.