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Nick Salat actually stole the ‘Ndanii Ndanii’ phrase

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A post by a Facebook over the weekend user has revealed that a popular rallying call in Kenyan politics now could be a piece of ‘plagiarism’.  The ‘Niko ndaaniii, ndaniii” (I’m in/ I’m with you) has become a common phrase for emphasising a point especially being part of a group or a particular persuasion.

Indeed, some of the greatest sound bites are usually undetected plagiarism. KANU Secretary General Nick Salat, who popularized “Niko ndaniiiiii, ndaniiiiii”, is actually not the original author/source of that soundbite.

The soundbite can traced to Citizen Radio, owned by Royal Media Services. The Facebook user noted that Radio Citizen, which broadcasts in Kiswahili, has an advert that says something close to “tuko ndani” (we are in). That is where, the Kenyan says, Nick Salat got his inspiration. She adds that Daddy Owen also has a song that has ‘niko ndani’ soundbite.

Mr Salat made the statement in February during the launch of the National Super Alliance (NASA) political coalition. In April, he said, he would patent the phrase but it’s not clear if he did.

The late Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang was known for his signature “Bado Mapambano” rallying call. This, according to social media users, was also extracted from some Christian song “we used to sing in Sunday school.”

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And there is nothing peculiar about that. One of the most iconic declarations of independence attributed to US third President Thomas Jefferson is, “we hold this truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal” was actually rephrased from the Bible’s “evidence of things not seen”  Hebrews chapter in the Bible.

The abstract thoughts in the declaration synthesised  from second treatise on Civil government ” by John Locke”. Jefferson was only 33 years old at that time and, as an American Founding Father, authoured the Declaration of Independence.

“Point is when you do more listening and reading, your thoughts, ideas and utterances only echo what you feed your mind. Sometimes it comes out in more refined ways like the Nick Salat Niko ndani ndani,” said the Facebook user.


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