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Auctioneers Holding Standard Group at Ransom

So bad is the situation at Standard Group that any money that comes in falls into the hands of creditors.

Bad News for Standard Group Investors

Standard Group shares could sink deeper as the company struggles with a growing vortex of challenges.   

Standard Pushes Out 40 Employees Through Early Retirement

In a memo issued on 5th October 2023, the media house said it was offering an attractive package for employees willing to take up voluntary early retirement (VER).

NMG Profit Warning: Going Gets Tougher For Kenya’s Biggest Newspaper Company

Issuing the NMG Profit warning on 26th October 2023, the board listed a number of reasons for the expected drop in earnings by at least 25%, including higher taxes and the free fall in the value of the Kenya shilling.

Gloom Hangs Over Standard Group Ahead Of CEO Meeting

The meeting comes at a time when a dark cloud hangs over Standard Group, once a successful media house, as financial constrains weigh heavy on its shoulders.

Kenya’s Media Monitoring Firm GlobeTrack Shortlisted For International Awards

GlobeTrack is the only sub-Saharan Africa media measurement solutions provider shortlisted for the coveted 2023 AMEC Global Communication Effectiveness Awards.

Standard Group Employees – Young And Old – Scramble For Voluntary Early Retirement Offer

Standard Group, grappling with self-inflicted financial woes, has offered its staff the option of voluntary early retirement as a way to cut costs and shore up revenues.

Former Chamwada Report TV Presenter Makes a Comeback

Hot on the heels of rebranding and acquiring new talents in the editorial department, TV47 has partnered with Elijah Mwangi Anchor Bay Productions to bring a new perspective into the agricultural landscape.
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