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Kanze Dena’s Transformation Gets Kenyans Talking [PHOTOS]

It wasn't the President's visit or an expected high-stakes meeting of political bigwigs that caught people's attention, but rather, Kanze's transformation.

Disgruntled RMS Employee Tears Into Jeff Koinange, Linus Kaikai in Leaked...

Clearly frustrated, the employee tore into the RMS management over allegedly disproportionate salaries paid out to different members of the team. 

Top social media influencers in Kenya

Social media Influencers in Kenya have come a long way, from social media to content and other areas of online marketing. The role they...

Inside Mike Njenga’s Multi-Million Side-Hustles [PHOTOS]

When not helming news bulletins or conducting important interviews, Njenga is a player in a number of sectors including hospitality and livestock. Like many other Kenyans including his colleagues in the media industry, Njenga operates a successful side-hustle or two.

Kobi Kihara: How Ex-NTV Queen Bounced Back from Scandal in New...

Kobi hasn't allowed the scandal to stop her progress and has been making impressive moves in New York where she remains based.

Kenya’s most popular radio stations maintain the lead

On average, Citizen Radio takes the top spot with a share of 16.2 per cent, Radio Maisha with 12.8 per cent followed by Jambo which maintains its third position in share with an average of 9.2 per cent

Inside 5 Presenters’ Multi-Million Car Collections [PHOTOS]

“I gave my speed bike to my kid bro who turned 30! Plus I have a new Quad/All-Terrain Bike. Before I turn 40, I would want to drive a Bentley Bentayga or G 63 AMG,” Weru noted in a past interview.

KTN journalists brutalised by police in Migori

Kitili and his cameraman were covering an incident where members of the public were being forced to remove road barricades when the latter told an officer live on TV not to harm him again ( SCROLL DOWN FOR STORY)

The guy who ‘killed’ Leonard Mambo Mbotela

Kenyans today woke up to news on social media that renowned radio broadcaster Leonard Mambo Mbotela has passed on. Some bloggers took up the ‘news’...

KBC Loses Legend News Anchor, Leaving a Co-Presenter ‘Widowed’

One of KBC’s newly acquired 'legend' presenters has quit, just two months after signing up for the national broadcaster in the widely hyped June 2021 relaunch. Mr Fred Indimuli is understood to have resigned last week to the surprise of KBC top managers.