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Kanze Dena’s Transformation Gets Kenyans Talking [PHOTOS]

It wasn't the President's visit or an expected high-stakes meeting of political bigwigs that caught people's attention, but rather, Kanze's transformation.

Disgruntled RMS Employee Tears Into Jeff Koinange, Linus Kaikai in Leaked...

Clearly frustrated, the employee tore into the RMS management over allegedly disproportionate salaries paid out to different members of the team. 

Inside Mike Njenga’s Multi-Million Side-Hustles [PHOTOS]

When not helming news bulletins or conducting important interviews, Njenga is a player in a number of sectors including hospitality and livestock. Like many other Kenyans including his colleagues in the media industry, Njenga operates a successful side-hustle or two.

Sudden Exit Hands Linus Kaikai Top Position At Citizen TV

An in-house circular dated 9th March 2022 indicates that Joe Ageyo, who joined RMS from KTN four years ago, had left the station to pursue his own interests.

Steamy E-mails That Got Jeff Koinange Smoked Out Of CNN

In May 2008, CNN's star Africa reporter Jeff Koinange left the network in a huff or rather was smoked out after several allegations spanning...

Kobi Kihara: How Ex-NTV Queen Bounced Back from Scandal in New...

Kobi hasn't allowed the scandal to stop her progress and has been making impressive moves in New York where she remains based.

Maina Kageni Reveals His New Job After Quitting Classic 105

Maina Kageni, who redefined breakfast show presentation in Kenya’s radio industry, said his exit from Classic 105 would mark the end of his illustrious radio career.

Jeff Koinange And Crew Face Uncertain Future At Citizen TV

Like Donald Trump took on CNN and its journalists after his election, Mr Ruto directly took a swipe at some of the Citizen TV journalists who had openly supported his opponent.

Top social media influencers in Kenya

Social media Influencers in Kenya have come a long way, from social media to content and other areas of online marketing. The role they...

No Laughing Matter: Young TV Station Snatches Popular Comedy Show From...

In what reads like a David verses Goliath duel, NTV, one of the big four TV stations in Kenya has lost the battle for Churchill Show, arguably the most popular stand-up comedy in Kenya