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5 Kenyan TV Stars Who Built Their Own Empires

Lulu Hassan & Rashid Abdallah The on-air couple first became known to many as Swahili news anchors - Hassan at Royal Media Services (RMS)-owned Citizen...

How Shaffie Weru’s Ksh680K Salary Compares to Kenya’s Highest Paid Presenters

High ratings translate to increased, more lucrative advertising deals, which are the bread and butter for many media houses. Advertising is what keeps the lights on. A figure like Shaffie is able to command a huge listenership - raising his value to the company.

Auctioneers’ Desperate Search for Buyers in Newspapers Reveals Kenyans’ Struggles

A keen look at the auction notices tells a deeper story. Auctioneers are struggling to find buyers leaving them stuck with re-possessed properties, with harsh economic times meaning that fewer Kenyans are willing or able to acquire the repossessed vehicles, land, buildings and office equipment

New Journalism Awards Celebrate Digital Shift Threatening Big Boys’ Revenues

During the pandemic, Nation Media Group saw a reduced number of newspaper circulations. Shortly after, the news conglomerate imparted changes to its brand and interface. The rebrand to Nation Africa applied to mainstream and digital media, however, the latter has been taken to account more.

Homeboyz Issues Profit Warning 3 Months After NSE Listing

The firm which has interests in events, audio-visual production, sports and youth marketing saw its event division, in particular, take a hit during the pandemic as the entertainment and events sector was affected by restrictions on gatherings and the curfew.

Babu Owino’s Testimony During Jalang’o Interview Sparks Outrage [VIDEO]

Babu's interview rubbed a section of Kenyans the wrong way, with some accusing him of misusing political power and attempting to clean up his image as they demanded justice for Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve.

KBC Moves to Cash in on Historic Content Library

State broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has an unrivalled content library thanks to its history as Kenya's first media house. Liberalization of media in the...

Fixing Ailing Kenyan Media Industry No Rocket Science

For the longest time, media firms in Kenya have concentrated efforts on what has come to be known as linear or efficiency innovations.

Will Mainstream Media Survive the Next Decade?

Some media houses grow due to innovation, while others especially smaller radios and newspapers, will die and new ones will emerge.

Standard Newspaper New Managing Editor’s Job Won’t Be Easy

Dennis Galava, who was managing editor for Saturday Nation, took over the helm on 1st October, 2019, and hopes to rebuild trust with readers.