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Health: Three best practices in tackling hypertension

Prof Elija Ogola cardiologist addresses on cardiovascular diseases during the AstraZeneca's Heathy Heart Africa progamme function.Back in October 2014, a programme dubbed the Healthy...

Covid-19 Coronavirus Factsheet on Infection, Transmission, Prevention and Care

WHO is debunking several myths regarding the covid-19 coronavirus and how it can be transmitted.

Six Foolish Ways Fraudsters Are Using To Con Kenyans

It is baffling how people are losing money easily to fraudsters in this country. This is despite the tragedies of the Pyramid/Ponzi, the quail...

Why firstborn children are more intelligent than their siblings

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Human Resources, first born children tend to be more intelligent than their younger siblings....

The Rose Muhando exorcism betrays singer’s troubled past

Debate may linger as to authenticity of the ritualistic event, but what is not in doubt is that Rose Muhando's star needs uplifting after fallen status

Uhuru’s Ksh35M Watch Leaves Kenyans Stunned

Other watches he has been previously pictured with include a Patek Phillipe Aquanut, Cartier Santos 100 Carbon, Rolex Oyster and an Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon.

Sleeping Can Turn You Into a Great Person

The world celebrated the 12th annual World Sleep Day on 15th March with the main theme being the importance of having enough sleep. The...

Nairobi to host first ever 9-day beer festival

Beer festivals are common place in Europe and in the United States.

Lillian Muli documents pregnancy in new TV show

On Tuesday, she posted on Instagram a recording session of her new show, which will air on Viusasa, a pay-per-view affiliate of Royal Media Services, saying the show will be out this week

V8 Driver Who Fueled And Vanished Without Paying Faces Jail Term

A Nairobi-based businessman has been ordered to pay Ksh10,000 or serve three months in jail for ‘stealing’ fuel from a petrol station. Evans Kwoko...