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Anything For ‘My Ride or Die’

You should be best friends with your significant other but there are things that you don’t consider worthy of your partner knowing

6 radio shows that will rule airwaves in 2018

A survey by Kenya Audience Research Foundation reveals that many Kenyans still prefer traditional media as their first source of information despite the advent of digital technology

Idris Elba voted ‘People Magazine’ Sexiest Man Alive 2018

This is only the third time a man of colour has won the award, following Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2016 and Denzel Washington 10 years before

Doctors unite against diabetes

With a burgeoning middle-class that is inactive and increasingly consuming foods high in sugar content, there is a rapid rise in the number of...

How to make money from betting this World Cup season

Betting is very simple, but then that does not mean that you should wake up and start choosing which teams to bet on

Life and opportunity in the world’s biggest refugee camp

DADAAB - Soon after dawn, Bashir Bilal sat outside on his usual plastic jerrycan surrounded by young girls and boys chanting Koranic verses.Each child...

Uhuru hails Watu Wote crew despite missing an Oscar

The film had been nominated for an Oscar for the Best Live Action Short Film category during the award's 90th ceremony that held on Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

The Negative Publicity Surrounding Mutahi Kagwe is Good For Kahu$h’s Music

In any society, there are always extremists who will discredit and disparage others as soon as a window of opportunity presents itself

Did Igathe Resign? Courts to Decide as Former DG Throws Spanner...

Igathe says he was not aware if the legal steps to formalize his resignation were conducted.

Loophole or Greed? Insurers Slap Kenyans With New Curfew Rules

The rules are bound to affect numerous livelihoods, but one thing most did not consider is the implications of the address on their insurance agreements particularly for those with vehicle insurance covers against accidents and other occurrences.