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KOT bash teens posting nudes online

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Twitter is on fire after Kenyans took to the social media site to shame teenage girls and boys posting semi-nude and suggestive photos on Instagram.

For the better part of Thursday, social media users shared pictures and videos of teens celebrating “nudity” and posing suggestively with the hope that their parents and guardians will identify them.

According to the Nation, it all started with a video shared by a tweep of a girl dissing critics who bash young women for posting semi-nude pictures of themselves on the net.

The unidentified girl goes ham telling off haters to mind their business, saying it is her choice to expose her body.

“Hawa watu wa katambe kafikie pastor, ikifikia pastor kwani nitafukuzwa church? Like you boys have very stupid aims though. If I decide to show off my body, like it is mine, I will show it off till the day I die. And if you don’t like it b***h die first,” said the girl.

The girl’s video quickly went viral through the hashtags #ifikiewazazi and #KatambeAdiKwaWazazi that led to netizens start sharing photos of young boys and girls posing suggestively, with some in semi-nude state. The hashtags have been top on Twitter in Nairobi before Wycliffe Kimanyal got Kenya its first gold at the Commonwealth games.

Most of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) bashed the boys and girls while others sympathised with the level of immorality exhibited by the youth in the society.

Majority of the images are so suggestive and some in a near state of nature we cannot republish them on this site.

The Nation was equally unable to do so but its tabloid online sister publication, Nairobi News, has done so.

Most of the photos are posted on dedicated pages such as nairobi_teens_society, 254_artslay and capriconkids_254. Majority are apparently taken by professional photographers at prearranged shoots.

– Original reporting by Daily Nation. 

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