The gin comes in two brands - the Classic and the Tambuzi.
The gin comes in two brands - the Classic and the Tambuzi.

Distiller Kenyan Originals has unveiled its latest product, a gin that comes in two brands – the Classic and the Tambuzi. The distiller has been present in the market with their cider brands that have been growing in popularity.

Kenyan Originals cut a niche for itself as their ciders are manufactured using 100% local  materials and products. With the gin, the distiller maintains its position as a major user of local materials for its products.

The gin’s contents include products from Kenyan farmers all over the country. The ingredients include bitter orange leaves from Kilifi, lemongrass from Kabati, Bay leaves from Kinangop, Roses from Mt Kenya region, Hibiscus from Meru, and Baobab from Kilifi. 

Other local ingredients include peanuts (njugu), mint, ginger, mangoes, chilli, and turmeric. 

Alexandre Chappatte, the founder and CEO at Kenyan Originals, is confident that the gin will be as successful as the ciders the company has been producing for the Kenyan market.

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“We believe our gin brands are a good addition to the Kenyan local alcohol scene. What is unique to Kenyan Originals & 5.8 versus other gin brands is that we are the first company to craft using local ingredients and distill locally for the Kenyan audience,” she says. 

With the launch of the gin in addition to the ciders that Kenyan Originals has been supplying to the market, the company looks to develop a culture among Kenyans. A culture that will have Kenyans prefer to have local drinks that are distilled locally with local ingredients.

This company aims to show the market that Kenya can produce world class quality gins distilled locally for Kenya. 

“Kenya has such amazing and rich botanicals and ingredients that inspire us to innovate and distill locally. We also have the local expertise to produce food quality gins in Kenya and want consumers to go on a local botanical sourcing journey with us through our liquids,” Chappatte says, “knowing how rich Kenya is from a botanicals perspective they should expect future extensions of both gin brands.” 

She further assured customers that the drinks are safe for everyone and have been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs).

“The gin is KEBS approved and our business is 100% KRA compliant. Both bodies have very strict requirements for businesses handling raw spirits to ensure full compliance is in order,” she said when asked about regulation. 

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