A Family Bank branch. The bank has reported a 288% increase in profit to Ksh949 million.

Family Bank has bounced back to profitability posting a Ksh 35.9 million profit in the first three months of 2018 compared to a loss of Ksh 259.5 million same period last year.

The Bank’s Chief Executive David Thuku says streamlining the business operations and cost containment, coupled with improved operational efficiency has led to an improvement in its liquidity position of 32.4% compared to 26.5% recorded in 2017.

“We are now seeing the results of our continued investment in technology-based financial solutions that offer our customers convenience and relevance. We are well aligned with our customers and this gives us the confidence that our profitability will maintain a positive trajectory,” said Thuku.

The bank recorded a 5.29% in customer deposits closing the quarter at Ksh 46.9 billion while operating costs dropped by 14%.

 A steady growth in customer deposits and non-interest income, coupled with cost containment and improved operational efficiency has seen Family Bank bounce back to profitability, booking a Ksh 35.9 million net profit in the first three months of 2018.

Net interest income was marginally down by 0.84% reflecting the impact of the interest rate cap.

Staff costs were significantly down by 15.7% to Ksh 444.5 million compared to Ksh 527.2 million recorded in Q1 2017.


The tough macro-economic environment saw non-performing loans and advances increase by 36.35% in Q1 2018 compared to same period under review in 2017.


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