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How to Keep Hope Alive When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

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It’s a freckle. So when you get to enjoy it, do so with everything in your power. Seize the day. Live without any regrets. Do not be apologetic to anyone. Live your life. It is short and has no warning when its curtailment is near. There are no warning signs so “carpe diem”.

Sometimes life is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be ready to take all the challenges that it will bring. Sometimes the trials and tribulations of life can be crashing. Once they pass over you it’s like the current locust invasion, they destroy everything in their wake. They leave you totally and completely lost, destroyed and with no hope.

Too much to bear

The brave who trudge on the challenges and take the bull by its horns, they always end up victorious. But others never pick themselves up and end up a mess and, in the end, they end their lives. They were not weak but because the challenges were enormous for them to bear. In most cases, they try to face the challenges but they end up in a bigger ditch than they thought possible.

Making it in life is not a guarantee but God, pure chance and hard work. You have to put on an armour surrounded by Christ and then your efforts to be better and to excel will be realized. Giving up in life is often our first option when we fail even at first attempt.

However, there are a myriad of options at our disposal before throwing in the towel. There are many classical examples all over the place of people’s life stories and the hope they instill in our lives. Motivational books have been written, videos have been made, poems have been put down on paper and even pastors give hope to the hopeless to live to see another day.

Radios, televisions and all social media are full of motivational content and can be reached when in dire need to hear some encouraging words from an experienced individual. Free toll lines are available when the feeling of hopelessness fills your mind.

When life feels like a burden and the ability to hold on slips from your fingers, do not let go. Hold onto the thread no matter how small and thin.

Sometimes it is at that last moment when we want to let go that the best comes out of our lives. When prayers were finally about to get answered and when doors get opened and opportunities rain over our lives. It is called the test of life and only the persevering and patient get to experience all the joys and the wonders that life has to offer.

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Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Never live for tomorrow for its owners are not yet born. Ours is today. So today it is. We are free to make all the mistakes in life. It is in making mistakes that we learn. Only those who don’t make mistakes never tried and never learned.

What is the point of playing safe in your life? In as much as irresponsibility is discouraged, our aim is to live responsibly with no regrets. There is no point in living a life of always been afraid to try. However, we shouldn’t live a reckless life where we end up becoming a nuisance to the people around us and our families.

Be a Good Samaritan

Make it your life’s goal to impact people in a positive way. Be the helping hand that got someone out of a messy and tricky situation. Strive to be the Good Samaritan in someone’s life. You will be bewildered by the impact that a simple ‘hi’ can do to someone who was on the verge of feeling unaccepted by people and society.

Some people will induct you into drugs and all kinds of fishy concoctions in a bid to “help” you take the pain away. [ Photo / Twitter ]

It may not be much to you, but to someone on the precipice of cutting off all the losses that life has had to throw at us, it could be the life-saving grace that saved a wretch.

In all its wholesome entirety, life is not easy. Testimonies have been made of people who made it while they thought they wouldn’t. Others thought they would make it but life crashed the living daylights off them and are now six feet under. Most times we project our life’s insecurities into the wrong people and they end up raining havoc in our lives.

Wrong people

In as much as we may need help from people, it is advisable to choose wise people to help us. Calling onto every person we come across may not be wise. A good assessment of the individual’s personality is key. If they are not willing to help, moving on swiftly should be your aim.

However, choosing the wrong people with a bad character can in itself be a death trap. Some people will help you get lost more in the name of helping. They will induct you into drugs and all kinds of fishy concoctions in a bid to “help” you take the pain away.

What kind of remedy causes life-long damages,chaos and deep regret in the end?

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