The consultancy firm has a 5-year tested formula to grow businesses without bank loans.
The consultancy firm has a 5-year tested formula to grow businesses without bank loans. [Photo/KWT]

Investing goes mobile. That’s what Cytonn Investment Management has literally done by eliminating the headache of paperwork and the bureaucracy that comes with it when investing.

The fast-growing investment company has invested heavily in technology to make its Money Market Fund easy to invest in and withdraw in a move that gives investors the power and freedom to move their money at the click of a button.

Investors now have to simply dial *809# to create a money market account in seconds and invest. Withdrawals below Ksh70,000 are also instant through M-Pesa. And what’s more, there are no limitations on how many times you can withdraw.

“We are now working to bring our money market fund to global standards… there is no reason why we should not offer investors the same features like a money market fund in developed markets,” says Cytonn Investments Senior Brand Manager Daniel Mainye.

The mobile technology has turned the Money Market Fund into some kind of current account but one that earns above-average returns. The average return over the last one year has been 11% per annum. It’s like a digital wallet that grows at 11%.

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The investment objective of the Cytonn Money Market Fund is to obtain a high level of current income while protecting investor’s capital and liquidity.

To achieve this, the portfolio objective is to outperform the income yield available on money market call accounts and fixed deposit accounts by investing in interest-bearing securities and other short-term money market instruments.

No Exit Fees

The Money Market Fund is an ideal investment option for those looking to build savings or for cash intend to meet short-term goals.

Some of its key features of the Cytonn Money Market Fund include no entry or exit fees, interest earned compounded daily while preserving capital. The fund also offers competitive rates based on the market, making it the best starting point for first-time investors.

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