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Citizen TV reveals reporters’ hilarious goofs

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In print media, a lot goes on before a news story is brought  to the public. Articles are edited and re-edited severally before the final piece is published.

The case is no different for broadcast journalists. In fact, TV and radio journalists have several takes before recording the final clip, which will be aired. Of course with the exception of live reporting, as there are no rehearsals there.

Citizen TV has released a humorous video compilation of its reporters’ attempted fails when reporting news stories on YouTube. The oops moments from Citizen TV’s top reporters brings out the fun in news reporting. The fun that is rarely seen during the media house’s news bulletins.

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Famous journalist Jacque Maribe, currently off-screen as she fights a court case relating to the murder of business lady Monica Kimani, is the main highlight of the video, compiled by Viusasa, as she seems to have been caught off guard more often than other reporters. Some journalists are pictured in the video speaking vernacular including Maribe.

Everyone makes mistakes but from the video it seems like journalists’ mistakes are more humourous than others. For whatever the reason, news fails are hilarious and those on the video are some of the funniest, most cringe-worthy fails even if they were never aired.


From journalists forgetting their lines to errors caused due to disruptions when reporting, the video showcases the funny side of what happens behind the scenes of news reporting. Some errors even made when the cameras are rolling but the reporter is not even aware.

Citizen TV seemed to have gotten the idea from International media houses that release their bloopers and fails videos frequently. Compilations of these clips from different media houses are all over Youtube.

The rituals that journalists do to gain the confidence of going on air also highlight the video. Some are as simple as breathing in and out while others are say weird things to check their voices. Others make weird noises in an attempt to clear throat.

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