Renault Trucks Make a Comeback To Kenya Through Caetano

Caetano Kenya is now the official distributor of Renault Trucks in Kenya, through a partnership announced on 22nd Sept. 2023 to "strengthen Kenya’s heavy commercial vehicles industry and solidifying Renault Trucks’ customer base in this region."

How Small HR Firms Can Play and Win In The Global League

While large HR firms have the resources to address these demands, small HR firms often face unique challenges when attempting to offer their services at a global level.

WhatsApp Can Deliver These Unique Services For Business

By integrating WhatsApp as an official communication medium, companies can enhance remote collaboration, customer interaction, marketing efforts, and internal communication.

Co-op Bank Emerges Best SME Lender At Global Finance Awards

The lender won the Gold Award for the SME Financier Of The Year in Africa ahead of NMB of Tanzania, which got Silver Award and Kenya’s Equity Bank, which came third with a Platinum Award.

Challenges HR Professionals Face When Kenyan Companies Expand To Great Lakes Region

Although the business movements bring numerous opportunities for growth, they also pose certain challenges for HR professionals tasked with preparing employees to work outside Kenya.

Former Mitumba Seller Rubbing Shoulders With Kenya’s Movers And Shakers

Alvin Kibet started out as a second-hand clothing seller, a venture he pursued as soon as he left high school in 2011.