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Ten best paying jobs in Kenya – and their salaries

Even in the lurking face of high unemployment, those lucky enough can secure jobs look that pay well and offer good working conditions

Profitable Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 20K

Entrepreneurship is what everyone is into now. It has become a thing for fresh college graduates who go unemployed for years after graduating.  It...

B******y is profitable but you need to have these facts

This video is a case study of a successful butchery. Here are details on the butchery business to help you make a decision whether it will be profitable for you or not [SCROLL DOWN TO READ ARTICLE]

Lady Strikes Big Business Keeping Parcels in the City

Mercy Njeri operates an agency where city goers and retailers can store their luggage and goods at a fee - and it's doing well

Daughter Gives Chris Kirubi a Run for His Money

Despite having studied abroad, Maryann Musangi came back to spend most her time in the country, as well as doing business with Kenyans.

Simple Business Ideas Anyone Can Try in Kenya

With fewer jobs in the market and thousands of graduates chasing after them, securing employment in Kenya is about as hard as starting a...

I built this company with Sh6,000 salary

To think that Ksh6000 is enough to start a company is audacious but this is exactly what Esther Njeri Njoroge thought. The bold 26-year-old...

How to make meetings bearable for young people

Why gather everyone in a room to discuss a project for an hour when it could just as easily be done in minutes over Slack or a quick chat at the coffee machine?

The Best Companies to Work For in Kenya 2018

The Brighter Monday survey looks at attributes that matter most to employees which include pride, culture, career growth, diversity, inclusion as well as competitive pay package

How to Join University With D+ and Get a Degree

There is a one-year programme that enables students to progress to diploma then proceed to the professional qualification and onto Bachelor of Commerce degree