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British PM Theresa May’s agenda in Kenya

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In the final leg of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s three-country tour in Africa, the head of the UK government will seek to offer Kenya business deals and a security pact that will also touch on internal security measures.

The trip is part of Mrs. May’s agenda to enhance African partnerships geared towards a post-Brexit UK world. Already, the British premiere has promised financial support to African economies to the tune of an extra Ksh523 billion.

In Kenya, Mrs. May is set to sustain a business partnership with the country, considering her entourage carries a variety of business leaders, chief among include the London Stock Exchange CEO David Schwimmer and his Standard Chartered Company counterpart, as identified in the British press earlier this week.

Two days ago in a speech in Cape Town,South Africa, Mrs. May spoke of how the UK cannot match the economic might of foreign investors such as the US and China, but promised her government will offer the extra financial support to assist create jobs for young people.

The British PM wants the UK to overtake the US to become the G7’s biggest investor in Africa by 2022, according to her speech in South Africa.

Besides visiting the Strathmore Business School in Kenya, the UK Prime Minister will also visit British soldiers based in the country who are training Kenyan and other African troops combating the Al-Shaabab Islamist extremist group in Somalia.

According to the BBC, Mrs. May will announce a wide-ranging new security pact with Kenya, including funding for enhanced airport security.


The UK also wants to offer support to Kenyan police in dealing with violence against girls and women, plus legal expertise on pursuing complex terror and organised crime cases.

Sexual Predators

Mrs. May will also sow the seeds for the UK to build a cyber centre in Kenya to help track down British paedophiles.

Based in Nairobi, the center will seek to help police to stop child abuse images being shared online. It will also raise efforts aimed at identifying potential victims while accessing data from tech firms to catch offenders.

The cyber centre project is linked to Kenya’s existing anti-human trafficking and child protection unit, which was set up in 2016 with input from the UK’s National Crime Agency, the BBC says.


Mrs. May is the first British prime minister since Margaret Thatcher in 1988 to visit Kenya and will finish her tour of Africa on Thursday with a state dinner hosted by President Kenyatta.

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