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The writer is the Executive Director, International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC).

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ICPC: Fix Kenya’s Broken Education System

He adds, “For Kenya to comply with both its own constitutional and international human rights obligations with respect to education, major change is needed urgently”.

Challenges Facing Implementation of The 2010 Constitution

The new constitution was approved by an overwhelming 67% of Kenyan voters. However the disagreements and impediments to its implementation continue to threaten what so many have died and suffered for

Data Protection and the Quest for Privacy

Kenya Parliament is debating the crucial Data Protection Bill. This process must be very transparent and participatory because the Bill has significant effects on...

As the Poor Suffer, the Elite Being Spared Mau Evictions Agony

While senior political figures, civil servants and military officers were amongst the major beneficiaries, tens of thousands of ordinary people also accessed land as a consequence of illegal land allocations