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Josephine Wawira is a Communications Officer at Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya

Managing The End-of-Life of Products to Accelerate a Circular Economy in...

Less than 10% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled, while 79% ends up in landfills, dumps, or the natural environment

Managing The End-of-Life of Products to Accelerate a Circular Economy in...

As the world continues struggling with proper waste management, different solutions have been suggested and adopted to manage the end-of-life of products, especially plastic and electronics

KEPSA Trains Over 100 Youth to Create Sustainable Businesses from Waste

The program has further empowered trainees to harness their entrepreneurship skills; enhance access to financing and begin micro and small businesses based on sustainable waste management models

Legendary Archeologist Dr. Richard Leakey Commissions Museum That Will Showcase Life’s...

Dr. Richard Leakey’s plans for a new museum dedicated to the story of human kind aims to revolutionize travel to Kenya in the post pandemic world

Tackling Youth Unemployment in Kenya through Sustainable Waste Management

Kenya generates an estimated 22,000 tons of waste per day, and Nairobi County alone accounts for about 11% by generating 2,475 tons each day

Power of Business Partnerships Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Economic sectors experiencing reduced demand contribute greatly deal to the growth of Kenya’s growth.

Can e-commerce be Africa’s economic goldmine?

Digital economy in Africa is snowballing, and in the process it’s creating new jobs and opportunities for digital entrepreneurs to explore a larger web...

2018 Best Mothers’ Day Celebration Ideas

With a few days to go to this year’s mothers’ day, it is the dream and wish of every mom to be celebrated in a special way

Tourism’s leading role in creating more and better jobs

Even so, major challenges continue to hinder the development of tourism as a key driver on the creation of more and better jobs

Using web video to promote travel and tourism

Whether user-contributed videos or professional ones, when it comes to travel and tourism, they should be able to capture the experience