Abby Agina, head of business news at KTN.

KTN has appointed business reporter Aby Agina as head of business news. Agina, who doubles as a business anchor, replaces Peter Wakaba, who joined BBC recently.

As business editor, Agina will lead the team on the business desk in preparing content for the business segment at KTN and KTN News.

Wakaba joined the growing number of TV journalists who have been hired by BCC to run its multimedia operations in Kenya. Wakaba returned to KTN in 2016 after a three-year stint at CCTV Africa and in public relations.

His exit is a blow to the business desk even as KTN moves to fill positions left after the exit of a number of its reporters and presenters over the past few months.

Agina, 33, joined KTN in November 2014 from NTV. He has been a key plunk at the KTN business desk both as reporter and talk-show host. A product of the defunct Media Lab graduate trainee programme at Nation Media Group, he is also good at live reporting and currently hosts the Trading Bell money markets weekly show.


In 2012 while working for NTV, he won the East African Broadcast Reporting Award at the fifth Media Summit held in Kigali. A year later, he was feted as the overall best reporter in East Africa during the EAC Media Awards in Kampala, Uganda, for his two-part report titled the ‘Untold Tales of Truck Drivers’.

Agina joined Daily Nation as an intern in 2010, from Moi University, where he studied Information Science, specialising in media and publishing.  After a year or so in the NMG Media Lab, he was posted to the NTV Business Desk in December 2011.


But even as he takes the driver’s seat on the business desk, it is not lost on observers that the position has had a high turnover of staff over the past six years. Business editor Samuel Kantai left in 2012 to join CCTV, while Joseph Bonyo, who replaced him, quit in 2014 to CNBC Africa (he has since moved to Citizen TV at Royal Media Services).

Michael Karanja took over from Bonyo but exited to RMS, where he was put in charge of radio business news, paving the way for Wakaba.



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