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6 Mobile Apps For Managing Your Money, Investing And Improving Your Financial Literacy

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Budgeting Apps: Everyone wants to improve their financial literacy by managing their money efficiently. The daily commitment of life is often overwhelming, which makes things complex when it comes to the managing of money. It’s not everyone that has the determination of budgeting or investing. Most people have the idea of only working a 9-to-5 job to make money.

However, with mobile apps for managing your money, investing, and improving your financial literacy, you can change all of that to an advantage. Even if you work a 9-to-5 job, you can still make the best of your money with mobile apps for managing and investing. These apps have become extremely popular in the last few years, as it indicates the overall spending and saving habits of an individual.

For example, the FXTM investment and the trading app give people a lot of investment opportunities to make money. You can check out the Think Markets Broker here to get acquainted with their services and offers. Most of these money managing apps are free or paid with different varieties of features. However, investing apps are often different, as people only need to invest in investment offers instead of paying for the app. Also , have a look at Pepperstone Broker for forex trade .

For this, we have evaluated the top 6 mobile apps for managing your money effectively without the hassle by their features, services, and functionality. The top 6 mobile apps include:

  1. Mint

Mint is very popular among budgeting and money managing apps with its benefits for users. It’s a budgeting app with a lot of trending features that are regularly updated based on technology advancement. The app has a lot of features such as setting up reminders for bill payments, tracking your investment, and accessing your credit scores. So if you are looking for a budgeting app, then Mint will definitely be your best choice.

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Mint app is free to download and use, although you might experience ads pop up sometimes. There’s a lot of options to add and manage your account transactions through the app. In most cases, the app can easily adjust your spending limit automatically to suit your budget. So, before you start investing or trading in platforms like Finpari, you need Mint to successfully manage your money.

  1. Revolut

Revolut is an app for managing your accounts internationally. Are you among the people who take trips to foreign countries frequently? Then you need to make use of Revolut. No matter, where you are Revolute allows you to send and receive over 20 currencies with no hidden charges. They have different subscription packages monthly. You can also decide to use their services for free with few limitations.

  1. Acorns

Acorns bring users to the investment world with seamless features to broaden their experience. With Acorns, you have the opportunity to start investing from a small amount. They allow you to create different varieties of investment accounts. Apart from Acorns, you can also check Alpari Withdrawl, if you are looking for an investment or trading platform.

  1. Ellevest

Ellevest is a financial app for women. It helps women invest easily based on their credentials and goals. You only need to create a profile based on your information. They have different varieties of membership that costs between $1 to $9.

  1. Tickr

Tickr offers investment opportunities to people based in the UK. You can start investing for as low as £5. And most importantly, you don’t need to spend any money on membership plans, unlike other investment apps. They have different varieties of investment markets like ETFs and stocks.

  1. Clarity

Clarity is a money management app for bills. You can track all of your expenses in one place. Do you have subscriptions to different services that you often forgot to renew? With Clarity, you will be able to track your spendings and bill payments without the hassle. It’s a free app to use.


Everyone wants to improve their financial literacy by managing their money efficiently. The daily commitment of life is often overwhelming, which makes things complex when it comes to the managing of money. However, with the above list of money-managing software, you can get started!

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