Sex is a great thing and it has several lessons that businesses can learn from. Sex is related to business practice in so many ways but it is something very few people notice.
Sex is a great thing and it has several lessons that businesses can learn from. Sex is related to business practice in so many ways but it is something very few people notice. [Photo/Graphic Online]

Sex is amazing, isn’t it? You were born as a result of sex and you are great, no?

Interestingly, many of us shun talking about sex yet it is a source of many good things and sometimes bad.

It is done every day, by consenting adults. Sometimes some of these adults are legally married or just singles having casual or serious sex. All the same, it is enjoyable so long as it is not rape.

Putting emphasis on the importance of sex, people don’t relate it to economic matters. Sex is related to business practice in so many ways but it is something very few people notice.

Sex practices might be termed as stupid ideas, but if borrowed to the business world, many entities can benefit and bloom.

In fact, when you think of sex, it has the following characters which largely are the factors that can help your business grow:

  1. You have to build a relationship

Sex makes people talk. You have to ignite a certain kind of relationship through word of mouth. After creating some mutual understanding people start becoming close to one another, and sex/intimacy is the result. Similarly, a seller-customer relationship should be triggered to create confidence and trust. For your business to have loyal customers you must first identify your target group and then engage them in order to discover what they desire. Work towards fulfilling their desires, this way they will trust you. Final result? Good business.

  1. Be passionate

After breaking puberty, most people enjoy sex for the better of their life, if the practice has been healthy. It’s like a passion that is driven naturally. Some of us are as a result of the passion, not plans. Similarly, if you run your business as a passion, you will find that most of your achievements are not planned in any way, they are born of your passionate work. They say if you follow a passion, success will follow you unlike when you follow money/success.

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  1. Sometimes sex is not good

For married couples, they’ll tell you that it is not all the times they enjoy sex. Sometimes your partner is sick, sometimes s/he is not there and worst of all sometimes s/he is not willing. The same scenario is reflected in business, with experiences in low and high season. Sometimes the demand is lower than your expectations. This is the time to be patient, as good times are coming just as a husband is patient with his wife and vice versa.

  1. Try different things

‘Try different styles/positions with one wife/partner instead of one style/position with different partners’ is a phrase used in the campaign against immorality. It seems practical, and indeed it is. This is the same way, look for ways to keep your customers glued to your business. For instance, you can give offers when the tides are low, and reap big when the demand is high. This way you remain in business all through. Hopping to different businesses won’t give you instant success, you need a lot of patience.

  1. You may pay for sex

Why frown? For you to have enjoyable sex with your partner you should pay for it. You do not have to go to Koinange Street to pay for sex. You can even pay for sex from your own wife. This may be in the form of buying her a gift to make her happy. Sex is sweetest when you are both happy and willing, and most importantly in good friendly terms. In business, learn also to gift/surprise your customers. They’ll so much want to do business with you again and again.

  1. You can always do better

Being poor in bed doesn’t mean that’s the end of your sex life. There is always a way to improve, as experts will tell you, you can be that tiger/tigress in bed you desire. It only takes the realization and acceptance of the reality that you are poor, then find ways of improving.

In business, unless you are experienced and have that financial muscle, you cannot also make it big in the first attempt. You will meet challenges that will put you down, but you should never despair. Through hard work, perseverance and diligence you can make it. Seek advice from experts and benchmark with successful merchants.

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  1. Both should enjoy

Unless in a rape case, both parties should enjoy sex. Also in business, it should be a win-win situation for both of you. If one of you feels short-changed, then the business is destined to fall.

  1. Arouses emotions

Sex creates a very strong bond, an unseen bond that arouses emotions. Successful businesses should also create that bond that keeps the loyalty of the customers. The customer should feel at home when they visit your business and also long for next time.

  1. Almost everyone wants sex

Who told you that you are the only one who wants to be with your partner. So many people want to be with him/her. It’s your ‘game’ that will keep him/her for yourself, otherwise, s/he will find an alternative. This is the same scenario in business if your clients are not satisfied with your service they will leave you for other businesses offering the same. Remember you are not running a monopoly business.

  1. If you start fast, you won’t last long

Anxiety will reduce you to a one-minute man, which will harm your conjugal relationship, especially for men. Foreplay is advised. In the business world, a SWOT is advised before setting up any business. SWOT is like foreplay, and it ensures you build a strong foundation. Without that strong foundation, you may not last long in the business world.

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  1. Sometimes it is greater to rush

It may sound weird, but it is true especially when you want to mark your ‘territory’. Remember other people have also seen the good you have seen and will also be scrambling for the opportunity. In business, when you discover an opportunity that has been not exploited, move with the utmost speed to grab it. Other people are also eyeing it, which makes it good to establish yourself before they put a strategy.

  1. Tease your partner

Sounds vulgar? No, not at all. Sometimes tease him/her to create curiosity. S/he will not want to leave without tasting the pleasure. In business, make your products appear greater than they are, and your customers will not want to be left behind in buying the product. This can mostly be applied in advertisements.

Remember, sex is a pleasure and so should be business, so enjoy it!

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